All guests are required to follow descipline as below. 

Show ID for booking name and sign the register while checking in.

Foreigners need to fill up Form C for Police Station and sign the register.

Moderate, legal and responsible consumption of own liqueur is allowed.

Music, not to disturb other guests or residents, is allowed till 10pm.

Every care is required to ensure responsible conduct inside, not to disturb other guests or neighbours.

Drivers or servants can not use or sleep in common area.

Eating food inside room is to be avoided, instead, please use the dining in varanda.

Please do not feed monkeys or stray dogs and walk close to hind side of horses or close to cliffs, its dangerous. 

Please keep front grill door closed, not to allow strays inside. Please dont display food or beverages as monkeys are smart to snatch them away.

We didcourage walk in guests, single guest booking and boys only groups.

We welcome pet, but to avoid disturbing other guests, we expect all 3 rooms are booked by guests, when pet accompanied them. 

We have right to refuse any guest without assigning reason and refuse entry.