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MAGIK OF MATHERAN Please do not miss out on the early morning strolls to Madhoji Park/Madhoji Point to see the glorious sunrise, we all miss in our busy city schedule and then have a hearty a local breakfast. Catch up the days news on your smartphone using wi-fi and strike out for exploring the Matheran, not missing out the breathtaking cliffs, shady jungle trails, the serene lake, a 1000 year old Pisarnath temple and hear yourself, loud and clear, at the Echo Point. Don't miss the newly opened Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum at the Echo Point and check out on the hi-tech Observatory for their Star Gazing Programs. Would you like to check a typical village life? Just walk in the lanes of the village, allow your kids to peep in to the horse stables. Just keep aside your evenings for strolls in the tourist bazaar, eating out, shopping or simply enjoying the privacy and solitude at the courtyard of Matheran Bungalow, with authentic barbecue. Matheran Bungalow is a Home away from your Home, without frills and for local living experience.

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